Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lenten Devotion -- Saturday, February 21

Day 3

I really should stop being surprised by God's ways. Today we had a Service of Witness to the Resurrection (that's what we Presbyterians call funeral/memorial services) for a dear friend, mother of a dear friend, grandmother to a dear friend of my son's, pillar of the community.  Psalm 23 was the psalm of the liturgy. So, as I said, I should not be surprised that it is the Psalm for the devotional today. But I am. 

"The Lord is my Shepherd" evokes an immediate and visceral reaction to all Christians. To me it is a Psalm of comfort, hope, power. It has helped many of us through many travails.

Today it has given me comfort to know that Betty is under The Shepherd's care more directly. That she is taken care of and fed and blessed. That though we will miss her tremendously, she has - indeed - completed her baptismal journey. 

In today's service and today's devotional, I hear God saying: "Chill, I got this. Put your doubts away because I will always take care of you (specifically),  - and the whole family (yours and the Church.)"

Questions for reflection:
  1. Where are your green pastures? Where are your still waters? Where is your darkest valley?
    • My "Green Pastures" are my comfort zones. As are my still waters. That's where I don't have to "work at it."
    • My Darkest Valleys are outside my comfort zone, where I have to work at being in the situation and contributing...
  2. This year in Lent, in what ways might thinking about God as shepherd help you draw near to God?
    • Thinking of God as Shepherd helps me see as more than just loving Father. As Shepherd God will actively guide me, even when I'm acting like a typical sheep (the dumbest creatures in the animal kingdom.) God will make demands of me, but always for my own good.
    • If God is with me in my Darkest Valleys, then I should stop being so trepidatious about stepping outside my comfort zone.

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