Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lenten Devotion -- Saturday, February 28

Day 10

Today's Psalm tells us to rely only on God for our protection. Which means, not relying on ourselves, not relying on the world, not relying on what the world relies on for protection.

In a world where self-reliance is so highly prized and where wealth is considered the ultimate solution to all problems, this is a hard proposition. Even as Christians, we are encouraged to fend for ourselves. The dichotomy (and tension of faith) is that while we can't sit back and wait for God to take care of everything, we can't put our sole reliance on ourselves. Finding that balance of confidence in our works (to bring about the Kingdom of God, not our salvation) while relying on God to see them to completion is the challenge I see, not only for Christians but for all people of faith.

Questions for reflection:
  1. In your life, what competes for God’s place? What tempts you to delete that word alone from your view of God?
    1. Overconfidence
    2. The noise in the world which drowns God's voice.
    3. Good intentions that never come to fruition.
  2. If you were to finish this statement, what would you say? God alone is my . . .
    1. I would borrow today's devotional prayer:
         God my salvation, rock, fortress, and deliverance, help me to grow in experiencing both your power and your love so I can trust you alone.

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