Monday, March 9, 2015

Lenten Devotion -- Monday, March 9

Day 19

Those of us living in concrete encased suburbs and urban areas may have a hard time seeing the beauty of nature, and consequently hearing God's word through his creation. It behooves us to deliberately seek opportunities to be in nature, to see God's creation, to listen for God's word.

To generalize the sentiment a bit: we should make it a priority to find quiet moments in quiet places - away from the noise of the world - to listen for the "small, still voice within."

I have to say though, when I forget to do that God gets my attention with a 2x4 - between the eyes. You'd think after this many years, I'd learn to listen rather than wait for my attention to be gotten. (The old saw goes: "How do you get a donkey's attention? By hitting it between the eyes with a 2x4.")

Hopefully this lenten meditation will become a continuous practice of seeking God's will and wisdom.
May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart
    be pleasing in your sight,
    Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
Questions for reflection:
  1. How have you heard God in nature and in the Bible?
    1. Often: While I'm on the golf course.
    2. Always: When I open my heart and let the Holy Spirit guide me in reading scripture. Particularly important when I'm reading familiar scripture and am in danger of skimming through it - because it's so familiar. Being open to the Holy Spirit leading me exposes new and relevant meaning.
  2. What specifically has God conveyed to you recently through nature or the Bible?
    1. Stop.
    2. Listen
    3. You (God's people) are stewards of this creation: take care of it!

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